Nokia 6 Photography

I am not a strong advocate of mobile photography versus conventional photography when using DSLR cameras, but I must admit that camera phones had advanced tremendously.

There are three major camera phones which had been really great tools for me for capturing the moments I enjoyed. Here they are

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom,

Nokia Lumia 1020

and Microsoft Lumia 550.

I will speak about each of them in separate posts, but for now, I would like to share just one picture I had recently taken with my new Nokia 6 phone.

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Lonely Boat

Lonely Boat.

Photo by Alex Markovich.

Camera: SONY DSC-R1.

September 2014.


A good friend of mine (with whom I mix since my childhood) has got a dacha (a country house). The dacha is located in a picturesque place 40 miles from Belgorod, Russia. Almost every season I go there with my artist friends for plein air painting or just to take pictures. Sometimes we stay an overnight or two, bake potatoes and make shish kebab.

I’ve got dozens of pictures of the area around the dacha. This pond is one of them.


Bright Moments Catcher

Bright Moments Catcher is the blog run by Alex Markovich.

MarkovichUniverse AT


Hi! I am Alex Markovich. I am 40 (was born on April 10, 1978) in Belgorod, Russia.

I started my first blog in August 2009 and since then ran several online projects (Retro Cars, Vintage Photography, Plein Air Painting, Picturesque Russia and a few more blogs similar to these topics).

I am starting this blog on April 14, 2018. My intention is to make it more personal – providing description and background to every image I upload here.

Besides my main occupation, I write short sci-fi stories which are published in dozens of online and offline publications and translated into some languages.

I am also involved in theatrical activities – I write plays and take full videos for some theaters. For the present moment, I have shot over 360 performances staged by amateur and professional theaters.

Quite often I am being asked which camera(s) I use. I believe that the best camera is the one you have with you at hand at the moment.

The pictures presented on this blog were taken with the following cameras and camera phones: Sony DSC-R1, Sony Alpha 55, Canon PowerShot A3300 IS, Nikon Coolpix A100, Nokia Lumia 1020, Microsoft Lumia 550, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, Nokia 6.