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Russian Samovar

Rostov Velikiy, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia.

October 2014.

Photo by Alex Markovich.

2018-04-21 02-47-39-1.jpg

Winter Mood

Photo by Alex Markovich.

2018-04-21 01-54-15-1.jpg

Make your lady happy

Make your lady happy.

Photo by Alex Markovich.

Camera: SONY DSC-R1.

August 2013.


Alex Markovich Short Stories

Project Terra.

Selected Stories.

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Photo by Alex Markovich.

Camera: SONY DSC-R1.

August 2014.

Belgorod Oblast, Russia. The third day of open-air painting.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

I have never been a fan of any particular brand. I wonder how some people debate, even argue, what it better: Samsung or Apple, Nikon or Canon, Sony or Panasonic, etc.

Speaking about camera phones, I used to play with many brands, but my two favorite phones even today (in 2018) are Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia Lumia 1020. I am not going to discuss phones quality or their cameras capacity; I would simply like to share some pictures I had taken with these phones. Let’s begin with Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

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